Keith Huber, Inc. was founded by Keith Huber in 1982 after discovering a need in the market to build vacuum trucks in a modular concept. After more than thirty years since opening its doors, The Holder family of Bay Springs, Miss. acquired Keith Huber, Inc. in April 2013. Under a new name, Keith Huber Corporation joined the Hol-Mac Family of companies which includes Hol-Mac Corporation of Bay Springs and Anel Corporation of Winona.

Hol-Mac Corporation recently celebrated fifty years of superior manufacturing and engineering excellence. Originally founded as Southern Welding and Machine by Charles B. Holder, the company provided welding and machine shop services to the local timber, oil field, construction, and farming industries. As Charles’ resources grew so did his vision. Led by a sound financial base, technical expertise, and the drive to expand into a world-class manufacturer, Hol-Mac Corporation grew from two employees in one facility to four modern facilities with over 500 skilled craftsmen and professionals. Each plant specializing in specific applications, Hol-Mac Corporation’s dedicated manufacturing space now totals approximately 600,000 square feet and includes the production of two proprietary products; Pac-Mac® Refuse Equipment and Hammerhead Armor™.

Based in Gulfport, Miss., Keith Huber Corporation offers 17 dedicated models with 7 registered trademarks, not including custom units. Keith Huber Corporation has become the largest independent manufacturer of vacuum units in the USA.

As a Hol-Mac Company, Keith Huber Corporation is dedicated to providing customers with the type of service and attention to quality that can only be expected from a world-class manufacturer. All of us at Keith Huber Corporation is committed to listening to our customer’s needs; after all, they’re the experts. From our humble beginnings in rural Mississippi, we understand the meaning of hard work and the value of integrity over success… we say what we mean and do what we say.


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