Keith Huber transport trailers are equipped to solve every type of pumping need.

Pump packages include air or liquid cooled vacuum/pressure pumps which may be driven by an auxiliary diesel engine or powered from the truck tractor via a power take off and tractor installed wet kit.

Select the options you need and get a custom recommendation for your perfect HUBER.

Standard Features
120 barrel (5000 gal) or 130 barrel (5500 gal) tank capacity
Three top 20” manways with full length walkway
Frame construction with “I” beam main rails, cross members and spare tire holder
Pump power via auxiliary engine or tractor installed PTO and wet kit
Heavy duty tandem axels with radial tires and drum brakes
Multi speed landing gear rated at 140000 pounds static load and 13000 per leg lateral and longitudinal strength
Full length non-dumping hose trays also serve as fenders
SAE heat treated king pin adjustable on 6 inch centers to 30 inches
Rear door safety prop bar
Tank lift safety prop bar
Hydraulically operated, full opening rear door with holding valve
Options | Select all that apply
Hydraulic tank lift
Hydraulic rear door opener
Full length catwalk and safety railing
Airbag suspension

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