The Princess® II, with its proven design, offers
A dependable route service unit
equipped with a high CFM  vacuum pump.


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Standard Features
Standard tank size: 1500 gallon tank with 1100 gallon sludge and 400 gallon fresh water capacity
Pressurized water system with 12 volt motor driven pump delivers 45 psi at 7 gpm
50 feet of ½” water hose and spring loaded retractable hose reel
High CFM vacuum pump is driven by a transmission-mounted PTO which engages with the simple push of a button
3″ intake, with valve, connects to 50 feet of 2″ suction hose with control valve, nozzle and wand holder
Four-way valve provides control of vacuum loading and pressure discharge for faster unloading
Two removable sight glasses for debris level and sight tube for water tank level
2″ water tank drain with remote mounted driver’s side valve for quick bucket fill
Anti-surge baffle inside waste tank resists surging during starting and stopping

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