The King Vac® is the world’s most powerful wet or dry vacuum loader. 

The King Vac®  was introduced in 1986 to answer a critical need for a vacuum loader that combined high CFM and deep vacuum. It combines two different loading principles in one powerful machine: deep vacuum loading and high air conveyance. The most powerful and versatile vacuum loader, worldwide.


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Standard Features
3000 Gallon (70 bbl) carbon steel tank with 5/16″ shell for long life
20″ top manway
Hydraulically operated full opening rear door
Hydraulic tank lift
Powered via transfer case
3700 CFM liquid ring vacuum pump
Belt driven
6″ discharge valve
6″ intake valve with internal standpipe
Rear work lights, LED running lights
Back-up alarm, Grounding reel
Deep vacuum/ 26-28” Hg
Rear door safety prop bar
Tank lift safety prop bar
Hydraulically operated, full opening rear door with holding valve
Options | Select all that apply
High pressure jetting systems with integral water compartment
Huber Lock™ rear door
Stainless steel tank and wetted stainless parts
Auxiliary transfer pump
Top mounted hydraulically operated 6″ boom
6” or 8” boom – Top mounted hydraulically operated 6” or 8” boom

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